Lu Mien or Yao Village

Mien; Mien are very careful about appropriateness and etiquettes. They are very proud of their manners. They are considered to be mongoliods sharing the same ethnics with Tibetian-Chinese. Chinese referred to them in one of ancient documents from Tang Dynasty as “Mo Yao” which means “under no one’s authority”. It is believed that they lived in the are close to Dongting Lake of Yangtze River. They submitted themselves to the rulers of the Province but they refused to be oppressed and therefore moved to deep forest up on the mountain and started settling there and have preserved their own autonomy since. Yao appeared again in Chinese history around 5th century which a notion of savage and barbaric attached to it. It is said that Yao people referred to themselves in 28 different names but those in Thailand would referred to themselves as Mien which means human beings. Yao people in China can be categorised into 4 groups of Pian, Punu, Chasun and Pingti. Pians are the majority.